Campus Ministry is my Passion!

March 31, 2009

It is what I have know for over a decade now.  It isn’t just a job but my calling.  The church has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Some of my earliest memories are from church.  My church had a strong youth ministry program, excellent music program, inspiring, meaningful, and engaging worship… and I took all of this for granted.  When I went to college I found there was nothing there for me unless I wanted to create it myself.  So I did.  I started a peer ministry program, a Sunday school class, led retreats and in it all discovered a calling and my passion.  

I charge you, the people of this congregation to nurture and to love him and to assist him to be a faithful disciple.

The CONGREGATION responds:

With joy and thanksgiving, we welcome you into Christ’s church; for we are all one in Christ.  We promise to love, encourage, and support you, to share the good news of the gospel with you, and to help you know and follow Christ.  

There are few places in the church where we separate out certain ministries.  Youth, music, mission, etc.  There are countless others where we do not…  Ministries for those who own pets, those born in August, Pepsi vs. Coke lovers…  But it is important for churches to place an emphasis on college students.  Especially for Presbyterians since for us faith and knowledge are so closely related and in some cases intertwined.  

Campus ministry is my calling and my passion.  I see the college campus not as a place devoid of God but a place where God already is.  In the next days and in the months and years to come it will be here that I will seek to meet God and make God’s presence felt know.  After all we claim to have a ministry of presence often times on campus but for this to be true we actually have to be present on campuses.  

To God be the Glory!


Hello world!

September 18, 2008

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